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Local attractions & events

Winter attractions

  1. Seals pups at Donna Nook – see at close quarters some of the 1000 seal pups born each year on Lincolnshire’s coast a truly remarkable sight.
  2. Lincoln Christmas Market – sample the atmosphere (and the mulled wine!) at this traditional Christmas market set by the floodlit cathedral and castle.
  3. Calving – make the most of your farm holiday by visiting us when our calves are born and see calving at first hand.

    A cow and her calf
    A cow and her calf

  4. Christmas and New Year – enjoy a family gathering or a romantic time away for two to celebrate Christmas or see in the New Year in a traditional country setting.
  5. Louth at Christmas – visit Louth’s Christmas Market or enjoy some of the many Carol Concerts and Services at Christmas time.
  6. Star gazing – come to Lincolnshire, famous for its big skies, and see how clear the stars are at night.
  7. Lambing – visit a local farm at lambing time and watch the lambs play.
  8. Year-round attractions